With over 1,200 plaster casts and 4,100 original artefacts, the Collection of the Institute of Classical Archaeology in Vienna offers an overview of the material and visual culture of Classical antiquity.

The Collection contains items from across of the ancient world, with a chronological span from the Bronze Age until Late Antiquity and a geographical range from Germany to the Levant. Particular strengths of the collection include casts of architectural relief sculpture from the Greek world between the 6th and the 1st centuries BCE, Greek funerary and votive reliefs, and Roman portrait busts. An especial highlight are the casts on buildings in ancient Lycia, as well as scale models of these buildings.

The Collection was established in 1868 as a teaching and study collection for students at the University of Vienna. This remains its primary function today, although we also welcome visits from researchers, schools, and the public.